Tried & Tested: Sorted’s Creamy Squash Gnocchi

You may have figured out from my Wasabi Tuna & Noodle Salad post a few weeks ago followed by this post that I’ve spent a fair bit of time on the Sorted website looking for recipe ideas lately. I’ve gone on about how good they are before so I’ll limit my gushing in this post, but the boys over at Sorted really do have some great recipes and original ideas and I’m constantly turning to them for inspiration, whether to follow a recipe exactly or just for some new ideas.
This time I’d bought some gnocchi and wasn’t too sure what to do with it. Regular readers will know I’m a huge pasta fan but gnocchi is something I’ve only eaten once or twice, had a go at cooking once (all be it in a rather unconventional way) and enjoyed. However, it’s an ingredient I’ve not really got stuck in with and had a proper play around with. I realised that this is perhaps just because I didn’t really know what to pair it with, short of coating it in pesto and adding vegetables. I wanted to try something different but didn’t know where to start and that’s when I turned to Sorted.
Butternut squash is a vegetable I got to know rather well at university. A household of foodies, we did not eat like typical students and butternut squash was something we ate a lot of in one of our favourite dinners, red thai curry. Butternut squash is not an easy vegetable to prepare, make sure you have a very sharp or a very heavy knife as it really is a tough nut. The Boyfriend was in the other room building a chest of drawers while I was cutting mine up. He came running, wondering what on Earth I was doing to be making more noise than him to find me attacking the butternut squash with our heavy cleaver, at which point he took over and completed the task for me as he doesn’t trust me not to chop my own hand off when using the cleaver! Eventually it was chopped into neat cubes and roasted in the oven ready to be turned into sauce.
The sauce for this is so simple as once the squash is roasted in the oven it’s simply a case of blitzing a few ingredients in the blender and hey presto, you’ve got a seriously delicious creamy sauce. The gnocchi only take a few minutes to cook and anyone can pan fry asparagus so the dish really couldn’t be simpler. I might leave out the squash seeds next time as, whilst they add crunch, I wasn’t fussed and The Boyfriend wasn’t a huge fan, but they didn’t take anything away from the dish for me. The sea bass was my own addition but went with the gnocchi and the squash perfectly. I really couldn’t get over how delicious the sauce was so I’ll definitely be making it again and the whole thing has inspired me to get more gnocchi in my life so I’ll be researching a few more sauce ideas and featuring them on here soon. This was a simple Saturday night dinner for us but I think it’d make a great dinner party dish. Thanks Sorted for another great meal to add to my repertoire!
Click here for the Creamy Squash Gnocchi recipe.

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