Ozeri Elite Chef Ceramic Knives

One of the most important things about being a good home cook is making sure that you have the right tools for the job. You wouldn’t try to dice an onion with a butter knife and there’s equally as little point trying to hack through veg with blunt old knives, it won’t do the job properly and you’re likely to hurt yourself (I’m speaking from experience here). Decent knives are worth investing in.
I was lucky enough to be sent this 3-piece Elite Chef Black Ceramic knife set by Ozeri. I’d never really considered using ceramic over ordinary steel knives before but there are several advantages. Ceramic knives stay sharper longer, are easier to clean and react less with the chemicals in your food and won’t rust like steel ones.
One of the biggest advantages for me, being the weakling I am, is how light weight they are. They had absolutely no trouble chopping through this pile of veg and the weight alongside the comfortable silicon handle makes dicing up a huge pile of veg a much less arduous and laborious task. 
Having been pretty pleased with the results of my veg chopping I wasn’t quite so convinced the larger chefs knife would be quite so effective on meat without the weight behind it to push through. However, I was pleasantly surprised when dicing up this boneless lamb shoulder how easily the knife managed the task.
The blade glided easily through the flesh with little resistance and the whole joint was done before I knew it. 
It’s amazing how much difference a decent set of knives can make to your food prep. Good knives can halve both the time and the effort required. I’m very pleased with this knew ceramic set from Ozeri and with their sleek shiny black finish I think they’d make an excellent Christmas gift for the wannabe chef in your family or even a nice little treat for yourself.
I was sent this product for the purposes of this review.

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