Shelley’s Café, Soho

Having recently changed jobs, sadly Soho is no longer my stomping ground and I have a whole new area of cafés and restaurants to explore (not that far away) up in Fitzrovia. Before I left however, I made sure to stop by Shelley’s, one of my favourite lunch stops, as it’s nothing short of criminal that I’ve not featured it on the blog yet.
On the face of it you’d think Shelley’s was just your ordinary sandwich bar serving up the same selection as everywhere else. And you’d be right, they do have all the usual sandwiches, toasted wraps, jacket potatoes that you’d expect, and they’re tasty and come in very generously sized portions. The cajun chicken wrap, toasted and with extra chilli sauce is a particular favourite of mine. However, what really sets Shelley’s apart from the rest (and what you’ll hear a good 80% of customers in the queue ordering every lunchtime) is their chicken katsu curry. You might think this an odd thing to find in a café, but the Japanese owners sticking this on the menu was a genius idea. It’s absolutely amazing.
Ok, so served up in a burger box on my messy desk it might not exactly look like gourmet cuisine, but seriously once you’ve had this you’ll never want the Wagamamas or Wasabi versions again. The portions are really generous. It comes in small, medium and large and to be honest I go for the medium because I’m greedy, I always feel absolutely stuffed afterwards and I couldn’t get through a large. The medium costs just over a fiver which I think is more than reasonable for the amount of food you get and how delicious it is. The crispy chicken is always perfectly cooked and the curry sauce is delicious with the sticky sushi rice. It’s not hot but all other katsu curries I’ve had elsewhere now taste bland and boring in comparison. I also really want to have a go at making this myself at home.

As much as I love Shelley’s katsu curry, and it really is a must have, the rest of the food there is great too. I’ve not tried the jacket potatoes, so I can’t speak for those, but the wraps in particular are really good. Once you’ve tried the curry though you will find it quite difficult to order anything else.

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