The Saucepot’s Lunchbox: Vegetarian Antipasti Cous Cous

Lunch boxes have become a huge deal in my house. It used to just be me on my lonesome trying to be good and healthy and save a bit of money. Then The Boyfriend decided he quite liked the look of what I was making and then The Step-Daughter decided she didn’t like school dinners….

Lemon & Herb Spatchcock Chicken with Spring Greens

Sometimes the best dinners are the simplest. We can be quick to dismiss chicken as boring and plain but it’s one of those things that when cooked well can be truly absolutely delicious. A good roast chicken reminds us all of Sunday dinners cooked by our Mum/Nan and you forget how much you love it…

Paella with Garlic Chicken, Chorizo & Prawns

This recipe has been a really long time coming on this blog. It’s something my Mum has made for as long as I can remember and is regularly whipped out at family parties and barbecues, so much so that several of my friends have been known to refer to it as Mama Huntley’s Famous Paella….