Luna Mexican Kitchen, San Jose

If you’ve been following me on Instagram you may have noticed that I spend quite a bit of time travelling to California for work. It’s a long way to go but also a fantastic opportunity for me to find some great new places to eat! Quite often we go out for large team dinners at short notice and it can be difficult to find a restaurant that can fit us in at the last minute and that, with a large group of people with different tastes and dietary needs, suits everyones’ preferences. Luna Mexican Kitchen is my favourite new place for firstly making everyone single one of my colleagues happy and providing excellent service and exceptional food. The staff are always so friendly and there’s always a jolly and lively atmosphere.

I’ve eaten at Luna quite a few times now so rather than doing my usual and talking you through each course, I’ll just give you a breakdown of some of my favourite dishes. Firstly, it wouldn’t be a Mexican restaurant without guacamole and at Luna they serve up some of the best I’ve ever had. It’s so deliciously creamy, I could eat buckets of the stuff. Plus, it comes in a bowl the shape of a pig… what more could you want?! It also comes with a great pile of freshly cooked tortilla chips, still warm from the fryer. Even if you don’t order the guacamole, a complimentary supply of these addictive chips will keep getting topped up at your table with a spicy salsa dip.

Another must have before cracking on with your main meal at Luna is the ceviche. It’s the ideal dish to snack on whilst waiting for the main event. It’s light, it’s sharp and exceptionally tasty.

I hadn’t really tried a lot of Mexican food before I began travelling to California for work but now I can confidently say it’s among some of the most amazing food I’ve tried and really inspired me to try cooking new things at home. One dish I had never tried before visiting Luna Mexican Kitchen was enchiladas. I’ve now tried two different kinds from the menu here and both were equally delicious. First, the Enchiladas Suizas, filled with chicken, topped with a tomatillo salsa and served with green rice and refrigerated beans. This dish isn’t for the faint hearted as the tomatillo salsa certainly packs a punch but if you can handle the heat I’d strongly recommend it. If you want something milder the Mole Poblano Enchiladas are the way to go, mole sauce was totally new to me but now it’s top of my list of things to try making at home. Made with chocolate, dried chillies and cinnamon, this sauce has a really deep rich flavour that tastes delicious over the chicken enchiladas.

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Another stand-out dish I have tried at Luna Mexican Kitchen is the salmon tostada. A pile of fish, black beans, cabbage slaw and salsa, this dish can do no wrong in my eyes.

Luna Mexican Kitchen is ideal for any occasion, a quick lunch, a large party, special occasion or date night. It’s from this restaurant I’ve really learnt what authentic Mexican food can be and I really want to have a go at recreating some of these inspiring dishes at home. Now if only I could transport this restaurant to London so I could visit more often!


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