Tried & Tested: Joe Wick’s Coconut & Cashew Daal

Up until a year or so ago daal was just something on the Indian takeaway menu that I’d never tried because I didn’t know what it was. When it comes to takeaways we’re all guilty of sticking to our favourites right? Then last spring a friend of mine took me to an amazing vegan restaurant in California and recommended the daal. Boy had I been missing out. Out went the pilau rice as daal swiftly became my go to dish at Indian restaurants and takeaways and I was looking forward to having a go at making my own.

Not long after my daal discovery, The Boyfriend bought Joe Wicks’ first Lean in 15 cook book. Intrigued by new love for daal he actually picked this one out to cook first but we’ve both made it multiple times since. It takes a little love and attention but this is the sort of recipe that will have you salivating for ages as your house fills with the mouth-watering aroma of the spices cooking away. Top tip: shut the kitchen door if you’ve got your laundry hanging up!


If we’re making this for dinner I usually cook some green veg, such as broccoli, to go on the side, just for a bit of texture and added nutrition. Joe’s recipe makes a really generous portion so I’ve frequently filled my work colleagues with food envy taking the leftovers for a packed lunch the next day.

Click here to check out Joe’s book for yourself.


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