Tried & Tested: Glynn Purnell’s Pollack with Chorizo, Goats Cheese & Butter Beans

I’ve been trying to feature this recipe on the blog for nearly six months now! The Boyfriend cooked it for me on the first night I got home from a month long business trip back in September, but I didn’t write about it then because I thought it was probably cheating if I hadn’t actually made the dish myself. Many moons later I finally got around to having a crack at it myself so that I can share it with you all.

Fish, chorizo and goats’ cheese is not a combination I’d ever really considered prior to making this dish and and not one that immediately sounds like a winner. Fish and cheese is really quite a controversial subject in foodie circles. But to assume this wouldn’t work would be wrong as it’s absolutely amazing on so many levels. The goats cheese melts into the sauce adding an incredible depth of flavour to what is essentially quite a simple dish.


Published in The Week magazine as an extract from the book Cracking Yolks & Pig Tales by Glynn Purnell, one would be forgiven for assuming this elegant looking dish from a Michelin star chef should be reserved for dinner parties and date night’s only. One to pull out when you need to impress. However the recipe is so simple and uses such staple ingredients, nothing fancy or expensive, I actually find it makes a really good week night dinner. I’ve made this a few times now and sometimes I substitute the fish for whatever white fish happens to be available or on offer in the supermarket but other than that its such a good recipe I’ve not felt the need to mess around with it (unusual for me).

The meaty white fish is light but holds up well against the intense flavours of the sauce. Goats cheese and chorizo is such a bold, smoky and unctuous combination, I could drink the stuff in pints. Butterbeans really bulk the dish out making it a substantial meal and the spinach gets you one step closer to reaching your five a day.

You need to add this dish to your repertoire. Whether it’s a midweek meal or you want an easy dish to impress the in-laws, it ticks all the boxes in my opinion.

Click here to try it for yourself.


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