Tried & Tested: Rick Stein’s Clementine & Almond Cake

Now that we’re gluten-free bakers in my household, I get super excited when I find recipes that are already gluten free and that I don’t have to adapt.

Before Christmas I was particularly enjoying watching Rick Stein’s latest series: Road to Mexico. Reliving a road trip he took at the age of 21 he starts his journey in Northern California and makes his way down the Pacific coast before travelling through Mexico. I’ve always been a big fan of Rick Stein’s television shows as he really is the original foodie traveller. There’s a good balance of travel, trying new foods and most importantly showing you how to recreate it in your own kitchen. Watching his shows over the years has added countless destinations to my bucket list.

For me personally, Road to Mexico was particularly enjoyable as I regularly travel to California for work and Rick visited several places I’m familiar with and gave me several to put on my to-do list for my next trip.

But, more importantly, cake… when I saw this Clementine & Almond Cake recipe was based on ground almonds rather than wheat flour I had to give it a try. I’ve baked a few cakes using ground almonds and they always turn out really moist and juicy. I was quite intrigued by the idea of using the whole fruit in this recipe, as you boil the clementines whole before blending them to add to the cake batter. This is a new technique to me and it really does maximise the flavour. One tip I do have is to definitely make sure you use clementines or satsumas as I have tried it with oranges which have a lot more pith and had a definite negative impact on the flavour as the bitterness of the pith came through a little. This recipe is really easy to do and I’d definitely recommend it for a weekend bake with a bit of a difference.


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