The Saucepot’s Lunchbox: Vegetarian Antipasti Cous Cous

Lunch boxes have become a huge deal in my house. It used to just be me on my lonesome trying to be good and healthy and save a bit of money. Then The Boyfriend decided he quite liked the look of what I was making and then The Step-Daughter decided she didn’t like school dinners. So now, after dinner every evening I start operation packed lunch. Step-Daughter often prefers a sandwich or a wrap but its usually the same thing for The Boyfriend and I. To try and minimise the work I try to buy ingredients that I can just throw straight in without too much preparation or cooking. I’ve therefore found that jars of olives and antipasti style ingredients have been great as they last for ages, are packed with flavour and can be thrown in with all sorts of things, whether it’s cous cous, a leafy salad or cooked pasta.
One of my favourite things about this lunch is that it can be enjoyed equally as well hot or cold. I freelance and am therefore always in different offices with different facilities. If I manage to to find a microwave I can enjoy this nice and warm on cold days but its just as tasty cold if that luxury isn’t available or I’m on the move!

1 packet lemon & coriander cous cous (I tend to share one packet between 2 packed lunches)
handful mixed marinated olives and feta
handful marinated peppers de padron, finely sliced
handful artichokes from a jar
scattering of pomegranate seeds

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