Flames, Dowtown San Jose

I may have mentioned briefly before that breakfast in America is awesome. The options are insane and whilst at home in England we limit breakfast to certain types of food (toast, cereal, eggs, fruit & yoghurt and your classic British fry up ingredients) it would seem that Stateside there is no limit on what sort of food one might have for breakfast. Literally, if you want steak for breakfast, rest assured, it’s on the menu.
This was epitomised by the insanely huge menu at Flames where I had breakfast one Sunday morning. It was marathon day and so downtown San Jose was absolutely buzzing. We decided to go for a wander to soak up the atmosphere and find breakfast along the way. We settled on Flames because it was absolutely heaving with queues out the door. This may seem like an insane reason to pick a restaurant, especially with a 30 minute wait for a table for two, but it had to be this popular for a reason.
The place was packed out with young families, tired looking marathon runners and large groups of students. Anyone and everyone was breakfasting at Flames this Sunday morning.
After ordering a coffee and an orange juice and being entirely overwhelmed by the huge menu (breakfast pizza? pork chops and eggs?) I eventually went for the Potato Skin Scramble. In contrast to my breakfast at Coupa Café, this one didn’t feel quite so healthy and good for me, but it was totally worth it. Plus I didn’t need to eat another scrap until dinner time so it really set me up for the day!
Potato skin scramble was basically a potato skin stuffed with scrambled eggs, which had bacon and onions mixed in and then topped with cheddar cheese, sour cream AND salsa. Oh and that’s not it… there were two ENORMOUS hash browns on the side as well. Everything was absolutely delicious. They do hash browns slightly differently in America to how we’re used to at home, where we make quite compact little potato cakes, here they shred the potatoes a bit more like a potato latke but a bit looser, I quite enjoyed this new take it seemed a bit less heavy.
I can see why Flames was so popular. It’s a great place to take the family as a Sunday morning treat, it’s open all day so I’m sure they have just as bustling and busy dinner service too.
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