The Diner, Covent Garden

Where better for a good old catch up and a gossip with your best friend, discussing everything from your new favourite lipstick to your latest work and/or relationship dramas, than a cosy retro American diner where you can hide away in your booth eating some good old American comfort food while you chat? The Diner is the perfect place for this and this is precisely what I got up to on Monday night. Both in much need of a good old girly chat my friend Jess and I headed to the Covent Garden restaurant and settled ourselves in one of their cosy, dimly lit, classic red leather booths.
 The menu is distinctly American and focuses predominantly on burgers, with some hot dogs, a couple of other diner classics and an all day breakfast section. I went for The DCB (Diner Chicken Burger) which consisted of buttermilk fried chicken, with bacon, blue cheese sauce, coleslaw and pickles. The chicken was lovely and juicy with a tasty crunchy coating and the bacon nice and crispy, the coleslaw was nice enough but could have done with a little more seasoning and I think there could have been more of the blue cheese sauce but overall it was a really good burger. I went for a side of sweet potato fries, which were cooked perfectly. Nice and crispy, still fluffy inside and no burnt bits. They came pretty plain and I don’t object to putting my own salt on but it would have been nice if they came seasoned, it would have been that little extra something that made them a really great side dish.
Jess got mac’n’cheese for her side dish and of course I pinched a little bit. This was really cheesy and scrumptious and you can also order it as a main dish, I’ve already decided that’s what I’ll order on my next visit.

I love the atmosphere in The Diner, it’s comfortable, casual and just as suited to a girly catch up as it is a relaxed date as the booths give you privacy as well as intimacy. We were seated and our order taken promptly but then I think our drinks order must have been misplaced as they didn’t arrive at our table until twenty minutes later and were brought out by a different waitress who didn’t seem to know who they were for as she tried to take them to a different table before ours. Other than this the service was fine and friendly enough.

With so much competition there are better burgers to be found in London, but the food is good here at The Diner and its a really great spot for a casual bite to eat.

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