Smoked Salmon, Beetroot & Feta Lunchbox

It’s January and just like 99% of the country I am attempting to eat a little more healthily to counteract the over indulgence of the holiday period. Therefore, after a period of laziness, The Saucepot’s Lunchbox has returned. Hurrah! This is also great for my purse strings as lunch out in Soho is not cheap! I have crammed my fridge full of salady goodies and have vowed to exercise a bit of New Year will power and stick to taking in packed lunches again for the foreseeable future.
And so it begins with a smoked salmon, beetroot & feta salad…
Handful mixed salad leaves
Stick of celery, sliced
1/4 red onion, diced
Beetroot cubes
Radishes, halved
Smoked salmon slices
Feta, crumbled

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