Nigella’s Rapid Roastini

Gnocchi is not something I’ve really tried very much. I’ve never made them from scratch myself but my old flatmate attempted it once and we ended up with a kitchen full of soggy greyish dough mush and takeaway pizza for dinner instead. So I figured before I try it myself I ought to get to grips with ways of cooking the ready made stuff first.
Traditionally gnocchi are boiled for a few minutes and are treated in a similar way to pasta and served with some kind of sauce. However I’ve discovered a different way, courtesy of Nigella, that I absolutely love. Pan fried in a little oil and well seasoned gnocchi are an absolute treat.
The gnocchi crisp up on the outside giving them a little crunch and are almost like little mini roast potatoes. They only take a few minutes so are a quick, easy and really tasty way to do sort of roast potatoes. I’d strongly recommend you give it a try.
Served here with lamb steaks and Blue Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms.

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