Fire & Stone, Covent Garden

Fire & Stone, located just of the main piazza in Covent Garden, is a really large, modern restaurant offering traditional style pizzas with a bit of a more modern menu than your standard pizzeria. As much as I love a classic traditional pizza, the menus can get a bit samey. Fire & Stone‘s pizzas are all named after different places across the globe and have toppings representative of the different countries and cities they’re named after. This results in some really interesting combinations and toppings you wouldn’t ordinarily find on a pizza, including roast potatoes!
I was lucky enough to visit Fire & Stone on a work’s Christmas party and was very impressed as to how they catered so well for 20 of us. The service was prompt, efficient, friendly and they didn’t get flustered or get anything wrong which is impressive when there’s so many to cater for.
We had the festive set menu which was a reduced version of the main menu but also featured a Christmas dinner pizza involving turkey, stuffing, roast potatoes and brussel sprouts. At £19.95 for three courses, this menu is really good value. There are also pasta and salad options.
I went for the calamari to start, which I was expecting to be a bit generic but I was pleasantly surprised by perfectly cooked squid (no rubbery bits). It was really well seasoned and had a choice of two dipping sauces and a big wedge of lemon. this was a perfectly adequately sized starter portion but I’d have happily eaten twice the amount.
I opted for the Arizona pizza topped with barbecue chicken, crispy bacon, red onion and roasted garlic, I asked for blue cheese as an extra as well. The pizza was enormous, as you can see I couldn’t quite get it on the table as we were quite tightly packed in as a party of 20. I went for the thin and crispy base, always the better option, which was nice and crispy all over, no soggy bits. Getting the blue cheese on top was definitely a good shout as it broke up the overall smokey flavour nicely. All the toppings were chunky and generous. The roasted garlic was left whole, which was delicious but this could be a dangerous choice if you’re on a date and would rather avoid the garlic breath!
For dessert I went for the chocolate brownie which was a pretty decent sized slab! A brownie is a brownie, I wouldn’t say that this stood out amongst others but its a squidgy chocolate brownie served with ice cream and chocolate sauce so of course it was good.
I’m definitely going to head back to Fire & Stone in the new year as it’s great value and there’s more than a few of the other interesting pizza toppings I really want to try. I know roast potatoes on a  pizza is carb overload but it just sounds so good!

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