Jamie’s Sea Bass & Crispy Pancetta with Sweet Potato Mash & Asian Greens

Having cooked a lot of pies and meaty dinners lately, this weekend the boyfriend requested fish. I regularly fry some fish to have for dinner with some veggies or do a salmon stir fry but I like to do something a bit more special on a weekend. This is when I realised there’s not a whole lot of fish based dishes in my repertoire. This was the perfect opportunity to do another tried and tested for the blog, it’s been a while.

It’s definitely no secret that I love Jamie Oliver and two of my all time favourite cookbooks are 30 Minute Meals and 15 Minute Meals. As much as I’m a huge foodie and regularly spend an entire day in the kitchen just making one dinner, I do love the idea that something just as mouth wateringly delicious and special can be knocked up in a fraction of the time.

I began by leafing through 15 Minute Meals and didn’t really find anything that took my fancy on this occasion. So I turned to it’s big brother, 30 Minute Meals. Here I found my answer. As soon as I turned the page I knew this was the one, I remembered it as one of the first dishes I watched Jamie cook on the series and really wanted to make it back then. Obviously quite a lot of time has passed since, but I’ve finally gotten around to it. I knew this would be perfect for the boyfriend too as he loves sweet and spicy things and with the chilli in the greens and all the fruity elements, this was sure to go down a storm.

Firstly the sea bass was simple and easy to cook, you can’t go far wrong with pan frying. and the pancetta crisped up nicely alongside it in the pan.

The sweet potato mash method is just pure genius. You pierce the potatoes, put them whole into a bowl, cover in cling film and bung them in the microwave to 12 minutes, then they’re so soft and easy to mash up afterwards, you don’t even need a masher, just a knife! I’d like to give this a go with normal potatoes but, as sweet potatoes are softer, I think they’d probably need a little longer in the microwave. Putting a lime in with them as well was just such a simple way of infusing flavours. I definitely made way more than enough for two people and after I’d had my normal person sized portion, the boyfriend wolfed down the rest, he absolutely loved it. With lime, mango, chilli and coriander all blended in with the potatoes, this certainly is a special mash.

The broccoli and asparagus were done with a soy, chilli and garlic dressing. I’ve started doing this type of thing with my greens a lot lately as I feel it just lifts them and just a simple addition makes them so much tastier and takes them away from being the boring old veg on the side.
The salty pancetta, sweet mash and chilli greens all complimented the fish, and each other perfectly. You might initially think it’s all a bit too many flavours that theoretically clash or overpower each other, but they balanced nicely and a bit of everything in one mouthful was truly divine. All in all: a massive success. Another great one from Jamie! The boyfriend said it was the best meal I’ve ever cooked him so I’ll definitely be doing this again.

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