Freebird Burritos, Berwick St Market

As much as I’m a massive foodie, I am also a creature of habit and repeatedly visit the same places over and over when I’m looking for lunch in Soho during the week when I’m working. One of my favourite cafés has recently closed down and its given me just the excuse I needed to go and investigate what other delights my stomping ground has to offer. I’m certainly glad it did as I have now found a great brand new favourite lunch stop in Freebird Burritos.

Amongst other stalls and shops across town, Freebird Burritos has one of their stalls right in the middle of Berwick Street market. They’re obviously hugely popular as I’ve not yet found anything less than a long queue there. Don’t be thinking you’ll have to wait ages for your lunch though as the service is very prompt.
To get a truly scrumptious lunch at Freebird, you simply have to follow a few easy steps… First you can choose between a burrito, fajita, tacos, naked box (without the bread), or salad. If you’re opting for the house special and having a burrito, the soft tortilla wraps are heated up on a grill and filled with a few generous scoopfuls of rice which is topped with a choice of refried or black beans. You then have a choice of chicken, beef, pulled pork or vegetarian and you must pick your flavour (smoky medium is my favourite). There’s a selection of fillings, I like mine with sour cream, cheese, tomato salsa and guacamole (guacamole is 60p extra) and you can also order tortilla chips on the side. This delicious concoction is wrapped up tightly and sealed in a foil parcel to keep it warm as you head back to the office or nearby park bench to devour your tasty treat.
The burritos are generously filled and reasonably priced (for Soho) at just over a fiver. As my regular readers know, I’m trying to be strict with making healthy packed lunches, but on the days I’ve forgotten, couldn’t be bothered, or simply didn’t have time to make one, you can now find me sneaking down to Berwick Street Market for a tasty burrito to fill my belly and get me through the rest of the day!

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