Crab & Avocado Lunchbox

As many of you will know, working a busy commuter’s lifestyle can make it difficult to keep up a good routine with what you eat. I work in the middle of Soho surrounded by lots of lovely restaurants and cafes which makes it so easy to go out and buy something indulgent and delicious every day. This also works out pretty expensive. So in an effort to save money and eat better I decided to take control and really put the effort into bringing my own lunches to work and making them varied, tasty, exciting and most importantly healthy.
I’ve been doing this for a few weeks now and have decided to start sharing this with you, my readers, because the thing I probably find most difficult is coming up with ideas for something different. Hopefully this might inspire you to start making your own lunches for the office and give you a few ideas. Don’t worry I won’t be posting my lunch every single day, that could get a bit repetitive, but will try and give you a varied selection of ideas so you don’t have to resort to the old cheese and ham roll everyday!
So here’s my first one… crab and avocado salad.
1 tin of white crab meat
half an avocado, diced
handful rocket leaves
diced cucumber
slices of celery
1tsp of capers
dollop of light mayonnaise
sprinkle of chilli powder
On the side/Snacks:
handful cherry tomatoes
handful nuts such as brazil nuts, almonds
1. Chop up the avocado, cucumber and celery.
2. In a bowl combine the mayo, crab meat and chilli powder and rocket leaves.
3. Place the cucumber, celery and avocado into a tupperware, serve the crab on top and sprinkle over the capers.

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