Feast Goes East

At long last it seems like summer might have finally arrived! Last weekend the sun put his hat on and came to pay us Londoners a visit reminding us what it felt like to be hot after months and months of cold miserable rainy grey weather. It was the perfect weekend for Feast to make a return and this time the stalls were pitched up in East London in a cosy little yard at the end of Brick Lane. Regular readers will know that I went to the last Feast at Tobacco Dock back in March and absolutely loved it. I thought what a perfect way to spend a Friday evening after a long hard week at work and dragged the boyfriend along. I say dragged, he was more than willing to spend an evening stuffing ourselves silly.
My first stop was something I’d been after for a while: Big Apple Hot Dogs. The Big Apple cart is usually based on Old Street during the week which is nowhere near my office so I usually have no chance of popping down there. I’ve seen them around at a few festivals and foodie events now but always been too stuffed from everything I’d already consumed so this time I made a beeline for them the minute I got there. I went for The Big Frank. The 100% pork gourmet frankfurter seasoned with paprika and nutmeg was by far the best I’ve ever tasted. I topped it off with a bit of sauerkraut and mustard and it was delicious. A great start to the evening. Tyron ordered the Huge Pole, a more chunky pork and beef sausage, he let me have a bite and that was also meaty and scrumptious, but I preferred my Big Frank.
Next up was The Rum Kitchen. They had both jerk chicken and swordfish baps on sale and we bought one of each and shared them both. I loved the fried buns, they were quite dense and almost had a texture somewhere between bread and a dumpling with a lovely crispy crust. I have to admit, we were both a little disappointed with the jerk chicken. I think the frying and the spicy sauce must have killed off the jerk flavour a bit as to me it just tasted like fried chicken in a spicy sauce. It annoys me a but as well with anything where people kill the flavour by drowning it in an overpowering sauce. The swordfish made up for it though, this was really great, lovely and meaty and despite the same essential composition as the chicken bap, seemed to have a much more reasonable amount of sauce that didn’t kill off the tasty chunks of meaty fish.
I can never resist the mac’n’cheese stands at these food festivals. I simply can’t turn down a bowl of pasta drowning in oozy cheesy goodness, it’s not possible. So When Mac Met Cheese was a must have.
Cooked up to order we had Mum’s classic which had a variety of different cheeses, including cheddar and red leicester and was flavoured with nutmeg. This was Tyron’s favourite dish of the evening and certainly came pretty high on my list. When Mac Met Cheese were also serving up deep fried oreos so obviously we had to see what they were like. 

The oreos were almost entirely melted inside the batter and at first it all seemed a bit weird this unusual combination of squidgy hot biscuit encased in batter. Sweet sugary stuff isn’t majorly my thing but these were good and definitely worth the try.

Last but by no means least I had to stop off at the Whitechapel Gallery Dining Room’s stall where I tried the scallops. I have to apologise, I’d polished half of them off before I remembered to get a photo, but you can still sort of get the idea of it all served up in the pretty shell. Absolutely loved these, they were cooked perfectly, tasty and complimented perfectly by the bacon.

I absolutely love Feast and can’t wait for the next one. I can’t recommend it strongly enough, I suggest that, like me, you get yourself on the mailing list so you can find out when and where its going to pop up next!



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