A Palate for Pies

I’m sure you’ve all had this in your calendar for months, but in case you weren’t aware National Pie Week kicks off today in the UK. In light of the approaching festivities Fry Magazine asked me to do a taste test and review for them, and never one to turn down an excuse to stuff my face with pie I of course jumped at the opportunity!

When asked to review the pies I thought that rather than just feed you my own opinions it’d be a fairer test and give a broader view to put together a panel and get a number of people to taste them and give feedback. So one Saturday evening I put a batch of pies in the oven, put some potatoes on to mash and rounded up a panel of expert judges, otherwise known as my family, for an evening of pie tasting. I gave everyone a score sheet and a pen and began to dish up. Everyone took a slice of each pie at a time and we all got to tasting, discussing and noting down our scores. My judging panel included a few people who love pies and a few who’d usually pick a lighter option on a menu, so there was definitely a variety of opinions flying about and a lot of debating going on. I also tried each pie individually on my own to get a proper taste without the distraction of a table full of guests and to see how they stand up on their own.

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