Gelupo Gelato, Soho

I’ve said before that I’m not really a dessert person. It’s not that I don’t have a sweet tooth, and I do love my chocolate, I just feel that restaurants all seem to have the same half a dozen items on the menu… where’s the imagination? I like to order something different, maybe something I’ve never tried before, or perhaps a new or unusual flavour variation on one of the classics. A boring or distinctly average pud can really put a downer on the end of the meal for me, which is why I’ve recently become a fan of settling the bill and going somewhere else for my dessert.
The beauty of venturing elsewhere is that you find yourself with much more choice. I’ve now found myself indulging in delightful cakes and pastries at Patisserie Valerie or l’Eto as a regular alternative to choosing from the dessert menu. I can’t even walk past l’Eto in Wardour Street without stopping to gaze at the delights displayed invitingly in the window.
Earlier in the week, after dinner, my friend Stuart suggested we round the evening off chilling out at a great little gelato place he’d found out about just around the corner and on discovering the delightful Gelupo I’ve now added to my list of great places to go for pud!
The inviting selection of oils, pastas and other Italian goodies displayed to purchase at the back of Gelupo
Gelupo is a proper little Italian ice cream parlour with a great and constantly varying selection of delicious ice creams. There’s only one word to describe this place and that is: cute. I went traditional and chose a scoop of the Hazelnut with a scoop of the Pistachio, whilst Stuart was slightly more adventurous with a scoop of Lemon and a scoop of a flavour called Bonet, described on the whiteboard as chocolate with coffee, egg yolks, rum, caramel, amaretti biscuits and vanilla. Naturally I pinched a spoonful so I could try and it was delicious, almost changing flavour as you eat it this ice cream hits you with the boozy rum at the beginning and goes down tasting rich and chocolatey.
Left: My Hazelnut and Pistachio / Right: Stuart’s Bonet and Lemon

If you can’t choose they’ll even let you try a few flavours before you buy! Gelupo is open til 11pm on weekdays and 1am on a Saturday so its the perfect place to chill out with a coffee and a sweet treat after dinner if you’re not out for a boozy one.

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