Merry Christmas!

It’s Boxing Day and I hope you’re all suitably stuffed and exhausted after the day of constant eating that is Christmas Day!
I love Christmas, it’s such a great time of year, everything sparkles and every occasion is a party. I know a lot of people moan about it but I do really enjoy the build up, the Christmas shopping and seeing the lights, but what I look forward to most every year is of course my Christmas dinner!
We decided a few years ago in my house that actually, none of us are that fussed about turkey, so we now have a rib of beef. We get the meat from a nearby farm shop and my Dad takes charge (with a  little help from Nigella Christmas). My Mum, my sister and I all chip in to help with the trimmings and my sister makes mulled wine, of which a fair amount is drunk whilst all the preparations are underway. I have to say that this year was definitely our best yet, I lost count of the amount of roast potatoes I ate!
What’s your favourite part of Christmas dinner?
Does your family have anything special that you make every year?

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