Christmas Pudding… love or hate??

Christmas pudding… something that no Christmas dinner table would be complete with out… but do we really like it??
I’ve never been a huge fan of fruit cake and every year I moan and moan about how desserts at Christmas are rubbish because they all taste the same and most of them are just some sort of variation of a fruit cake. However this year I may have to swallow my words…
My Dad brings home a nice posh Christmas pud as a present from his company every year and every year we go through the spectacle of watching him drench it in brandy and set it alight. So in the spirit of things I decided to have some, mainly because I really wanted to try a bit of the amaretto flavoured cream my Mum had bought to go with it, and I really liked it!

I’ll admit defeat… I promise not to moan next year!

What are your thoughts? Do you like Christmas pudding?


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