Festive Treats

To quote the legendary Slade……It’s CHRISTMAAASSS!

It’s my absolute favourite time of year, it’s so magical and everything sparkles and I just love to get creative and cook up lots of indulgent goodies at Christmas time. This year I’ve decided to make cookie decorations to hang in the tree. I’ve seen a few different variations on this and so I’ve taken a couple of bits I liked and combined them.

I’ve used Nigella’s recipe for Christmas Tree Decorations but I absolutely adored the stain glass window effect from Lorraine Pascal’s recipe so I cut out the centre and filled with crushed boiled sweets (as shown below) to replicate this effect. Imagine them hanging in the tree with the lights twinkling through the little coloured windows…. gorgeous! I had planned to do stars for Christmas but unfortunately Hobbycraft and Sainsbury’s had both sold out of star shaped cookie cutters, I think hearts work okay though.
Once the biscuits had cooled and the centres had hardened, I used icing pens to create a variety of fun patterns. I bought a variety of different colours (including sparkly ones) and went crazy with lots of different designs.
It’s a nice touch to personalise some of them and I think these would also make a nice gift for someone. I’m even toying with the idea of using them as present labels if I get time to knock up another batch before the big day.
And look how pretty they are hanging in the tree!!!

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